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Stamp Collecting has been a popular hobby for many years. Lots of people collect stamps. Even Queen Elizabeth herself has an enormous stamp collection and the Palace continues to build this. Getting children interested in stamp collecting is a great way to develop an interest and appreciation of history.

The first British postage stamp was the Penny Black, issued in 1840 during the reign of Queen Victoria. The Penny Black stamp was issued as a way for people to pre-pay for their postage at a set rate. Believe it or not, the Penny Black was only printed for one year. The problem was that the stamps were cancelled (or stamped by the post office) in red ink, and the Royal Mail found that a lot of stamps were being re-used. The red ink used to cancel them was also relatively easy to remove; hence sneaky people did this and used the stamps again and again, thus depriving the Royal Mail of their revenue.

Stamp collecting UKOne of the best things about the Penny Black is the fact that it is historically very exciting as when you see a real Penny Black you are immediately taken back to a Dickensian Victorian London. The other great thing about it as a new stamp collector is the fact that contrary to some misconceptions, it is NOT a rare stamp. Over 68 million were made, and even through the passing of time, there are many genuine Penny Blacks about in collections, sales rooms and dealers stocks.

What is my stamp collection worth?

The important thing about collecting British stamps, as in all collecting hobbies, is the condition and the rarity of particular variations of any given stamp. To the untrained eye, you might be able to put two Penny Blacks side by side and they might look pretty much identical, but the trained stamp collector will know that one is worth $10 and the other $2000. This might be because one is used and slightly worn, the other mint and unused. It might be best to look at the stamps currently being offered for sale in order to guage what your stamps are worth. Use the search box on the top right to do this.

How should I look after my stamp collection?

If you are going to get into stamp collecting then you need to get a good stamp album to put them in as well. Even if your stamps are not particularly rare, you need to look after them and ensure that they stay in the condition they are when you get them. Stamps are easy to damage and destroy so try and keep them somewhere safe from flooding as well.

As your collection improves you may also want to consider getting some tweezers and a magnifying glass so you can start to understand and spot fine details on stamps that make them stand out from more common versions.

British stamp collecting is a great hobby that doesn’t have to be expensive to be fascinating. It gives a real insight into history and the past, and your stamp collection can go wherever your interests take you. You might start off collecting British stamps but end up collecting US postage stamps or the stamps of another country that interests you.

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